Business Presentation via skype/ZOOM

Geek S04 lets you stream television broadcast quality presentations from the boardroom to employees, business partners and investors all over the world via Skype or Zoom! The intuitive front panel controls make it easy for anyone to create a professional looking switched program from multiple HDMI/SDI cameras and a laptop computer running PowerPoint. That’s perfect for use in conference rooms because you don’t have to be a video expert or need a specialized crew to stream broadcast grade presentations via Skype. There’s even a built in DVE which can be used to add a shot of the presenter over a PowerPoint slide. Geek S04 connects to a computer via USB and Skype will see it as a simple but high quality web camera!

Business Presentation Hero



Use your own presentation as part of the program! Simply connect an HDMI laptop into Geek S04 to use it as a source.


Set up one camera for the presenter, and one computer for the slides. Connect to Geek S04 and start streaming!

business presentation diagram 1


Oton Hyper C104 Pro

1080p USB Webcam

Oton Geek S04

4CH SDI/HDMI Switcher


Wireless Microphone