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Introducing Oton KB40

KB40 Hero

Today we launched our product – Oton KB40.

Designed by experienced instant replay operators to take full advantage of features in vMix Instant Replay, Oton KB40 vMix Replay Controller allows you tot take full advantage of the features in vMix Instant Replay 22 and later. The built-in jog and shuttle control provides tape-deck-like control over your footage, while the T-bar is well suited for live playback speed control.

You can use the provided vMix template for instant setup of the console’s keys and indicators, which allows you to control all four of vMix’s instant replay channels and to instantly create clips for highlight reels. You connect Oton KB40 vMix Replay Controller to your computer via a USB connection that is compatible with USB 2.0. Oton KB40 vMix Replay Controller provides a cost-effective instant replay control solution for live streaming or recording sports.

KB40 Bullet Points

KB40 Hero

Heavy Duty Aluminium Case


Slow Motion Instant Replay

KB40 T bar

T-bar for Speed Control

KB40 Jog

Industry standard jog control

VMix shortcuts

vMix Tempalte for Quick Setup

USB Connection

USB Connection or Powering


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