Lectures & Seminars live streaming

Geek S04 is ideal for streaming lectures from schools and universities to students around the world. The front panel has all the controls you need so even the lecturer can cut between a camera and a slide show computer. When you need to incorporate content such as video, slides or to show websites or coding, simply plug a computer into the Geek S04 HDMI input. Because all HDMI inputs on S04 have standards conversion, it doesn’t matter what video standard the computer is using. Just plug it in! It also allows school logos, teacher names, or other graphics to be load on the screen. The future of education is via online video content and Geek S04 lets you start right now!

lecturer hero


run ppt

Connect an HDMI laptop running PowerPoint or Keynote to include presentations and notes in your live stream.

lower thirds

Create professional looking lower thirds for speaker names or even to highlight important talking points.

use brand logo

Use the logo to add your school’s bug or graphic logo to any part of the image for a boadcasting levevideo lecture.

lecture diagram


Oton Hyper C220T

4K ePTZ Tracking Bullet Camera

Oton Hyper C100T

1080p PTZ tracking Camera with 12X Zoom

Oton Geek S04

4CH SDI/HDMI Stream Switcher

Oton Geek S08

8CH SDI/HDMI Stream Switcher

Oton Geek S08M-B

8CH SDI/HDMI Live Stream Switcher


Wireless Microphone