Geek N8

Introducing World First Touch Screen NDI Switcher

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Switching cameras is a big pain. You have to stop filming, sometimes even leaving the camera pointed at the audience, and walk over to the next camera – usually with a smile – before you can start filming their reactions.

This is where OTON comes in. We can cut the stress of live event film production and save your business time, money and headaches so you can focus on. No missing fridges or your socks falling down your ankles.

Oton Best Seller

Geek S04

  • 3 HDMI + 1SDI in, 2 HDMI out
  • Load stills and videos from USB drive
  • Exciting Transition effects
  • 12 styles of supersource PIP
  • T-bar Control
  • Powerful Chroma Key
  • Add logos and subtiles
  • USB live streaming to OBS, Zoom, Skype etc
  • Built-in H.264 encoding engine
  • Multistream to 4 service platform at the same time
  • Direct recording to USB drive

Solution for Everyone

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Sell-iteself Product

We constantly study the products to see what can be innovated, and we continue to make improvements to our models so that the products differentiate themselves from the competition.

Solid RD Ability

We have 900+ amazing enginners in our RD center for both hardware and software development. We can do customization of hardware, software, web-based UI, mobile apps, or even design a product with your concept.

Professional Sales Team

We hire and extensively train our sales specialists so that each one can speak from a place of confidence and expertise… which means when you need answers, we’re ready with solutions, tailored to you.

Global Support

We have an after-sales support team on call to handle any questions or issues you may have

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why us

We rarely talk about how good we are or how great our products are because that just doesn’t make sense until the products actually make you money or solve your problem. If there must be some reason, then here they are.

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we work for them

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