Live Video Shopping

Live video shopping is a business model in which retailers, influencers, or celebrities sell products and services via online video streaming where the presenter demonstrates and discusses the offering and answers audience questions in real-time. A livestream session could take place on an ecommerce website or on a social media platform. It can be store or brand-specific; influencers can also host livestream events promoting items from various vendors. See how Oton Max can help you build a more stunning retail studio!

live video package



You can connect 3 cameras, including 2 HDMI Cameras and 1 USB Camera for presentor, model/influncer and close up shots for your commodity.

promotion overlay

Add the graphic or video overlay to display influencer’s name, store name, brand, promotion and other special information, giving the video a broadcasting look!


With the 32 inch screen, you can see clearly for the comments from your audience, so you don’t have to walk to the phoneIn this way, the anchor can focus on the presentation and get higher order conversion rate


Oton Hyper C1207

1080p Ecommerce Bullet Camera

Oton Hyper C570

1080p Ecommerce PTZ Camera

Oton Max

8 in 1 Live Video Shopping Engine


Wireless Microphone

beauty light

Oton LR-650

Ring Light

godox sl150w ii led video 1588067247 1559563

Godox SL-150W

LED Video Light

light standard

Oton LR300

1.9m Light Stand

green background

Green Background

Studio Green backdrop