Geek S04 Pro

4 Channel SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Video Switcher With PTZ Camera Control

Oton Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI multi-format video switcher allows you to connect 3 independent HDMI cameras or computers plus 1 SDI camera and 1 USB port for DDR input. Oton Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI Video Switcher also includes 1 HDMI Output for program video on large monitor and an additional HDMI Output for Multiview. User can add their own branding and sub-titles, or utilize the advanced chroma key feature for a more dramatic live show. The built-in USB3.0 video capture cards allows the Geek S04 Pro camera switcher work as USB webcam for stream software like OBS, Zoom or Skype.

What’s more, Geek S04 Pro camera switcher integrates an H.264 encoding engine so that you can stream your live feeds to 2 service platforms such as Facebook, Youtube at the same time, without requiring addtional hardware. You can even record up to 1080p60 to USB drive in the built-in USB3.0 port. Concert productions, events, parties, competitions, educational institutions, and live sports programming are some of the use cases where the Geek S04 Pro camera switcher could be utilized.

geek s04 pro input

3 HDMI + 1 SDI + 1 USB for Geek S04 Pro camera switcher

Multi-Format inputs

Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher allows you to connect 3 HDMI and 1 SDI devices. All inputs resolution are auto detected, you can have different formats on different inputs so you don’t worry about connecting video devices. 


with this 3 HDMI inputs, you can connect any HDMI cameras or computers for Powerpoint and PDFs to Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher


The Geek S04 Pro video switcher features with an SDI port so you don’t have to buy an SDI to HDMI Converter for SDI Camera. 


Oton Geek S04 Pro Built-in USB3.0 port allows you to load graphics and videos from your USB drive.

2 HDMI Outputs For Program & Multiview

Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher features 1 HDMI port for you to view any channel’s video on the big screen, whether it’s live or not. It also features with a second HDMI output for multiview. You can see all cameras, DVEs, graphics, audio meters, live stream, recording status, preview and final program output all on the same display.

S04 Horizontal

Horizontal & Vertical Video

Oton Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI Video Switcher features with horizontal video for movies and Tvs, and vertical video for social media live streaming and ecommerce live streaming. To create more engaging vertical content multiple camera angles with live switching will take your productions to the next level.

geek s04 pro vertical video

Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Presets

On-Board PTZ Camera Control

Once your camera is connected to your LAN (Local Area Network), the built-in camera controller can be set up to quickly access up to 4 cameras with a single button press. Providing novice users with a pre-configured PTZ knob is perhaps the best way to get new producers up and running. It is ideal for audiovisual and IT professionals who need to remotely manage multiple PTZ cameras on their network.

geek s04 pro ptz camera control

Built in 2D DVE & Supersource PIP

Add Exicting Transition Effects to Your Video

Cut switching is easy and selecting any input will directly switch to that source. However if you want to operate Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher like a true professional then you can use the broadcast quality transitions like mixes, wipes, fade and more when switching between sources! These customizable transitions gives your program that high end broadcast look!

Add multi box compositions quickly and with Geek S04 Pro camera switcher! you will get a powerful switcher with 12 picture in picture or picture outside of picture DVEs that you can assign to any Geek S04 Pro video input! Imagine using the SuperSource for multi camera interviews or picture in picture production while leaving all your M/Es, keyers and DVE completely free for other tasks

geek s04 pro pip

Connecting Professional Microphones to Your Geek S04 Pro

With 1 independent 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, you can connect desktop or lapel microphones to Geek S04 Pro video switcher. All audio inputs to Geek S04 Pro camera switcher include buttons on the panel for adjusting audio level and enabling inputs into the audio mixer. In the meantime, you can connect a earphone to 3.5mm output for audio monitoring.

geek s04 pro audio

Boost Your Brand by Overlay & Keying

This isn’t just an effective way to make your video more recognizable and personable, as well as protect your video’s copyright; it’s a fantastic way to promote your brand while helping you achieve your business goals.

geek s04 pro keying

Chroma Key for Virtual Production

For news or on-set presentation work, Geek S04 Pro camera switcher is perfect as it features the powerful Chroma Key for green screen keying effects. You get precise controls for edge and flare, and You can even use it for title overlays by creating graphics with a green or blue background. 

Add Logos & Subtitles to Live Video

Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI Video Switcher allows you to store unlimited logos and be up-and-running in seconds! You can also store up to 20 live subtitles to your videos, especially those you plan to post on social media to significantly boost video engagement.

geek s04 pro overlay

UVC For USB Live Streaming

To ensure maximum compatibility, Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI Switcher features a USB 3.0 connection that operates as a simple webcam source. That means you can plug in and instantly get working with any video software. The software is tricked into thinking the Geek S04 Pro is a common webcam, but it’s really a live production switcher! That guarantees full compatibility with any video software and in full resolution 1080HD quality. Choose any software you like, such as Open Broadcaster for live streaming, or Skype for Powerpoint presentations.

geek s04 pro usb streaming

H.264 Encoding For Stream to Multiple Destinations

Geek S04 Pro video switcher has a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via its built in Ethernet connection. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with much simpler settings. Just enter the streaming address and key! Plus, allows streamers and broadcasters to distribute their content to 2 platforms max at the same time, improving end users’ experience can lower abandonment rates, increase ad impressions, improve conversion rates, and strengthen customer loyalty.

geek s04 pro multicast

Grab Still For Social Media Marketing

Geek S04 Pro video switcher supports grab full-resolution still images from programs for real-time export and post-production use. 

geek s04 pro grab

Record Program Video to USB Drive Directly

Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher supports direct recording of your streaming data to USB drive! That means you get very long recordings in the same video files with stereo audio that you streamed, so you can direct upload to any online video site, such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can even change the recording duration depending on what you’re looking for, like 30 minutes per clip or 60 minutes per clip.

geek s04 pro recording

4G/5G Wireless Dongle for Network Connection Backup

If you are filming live or on location, the Geek S04 Pro SDI/HDMI video switcher supports hooking up an external 4G or 5G wireless dongle to the USB port for using Wi-Fi data! It is also a great backup for the main Ethernet connection.

geek s04 pro 4g dongle


Business Presentation

Get dramatically better business presentations on Skype or Zoom because Geek S04 Pro av switcher makes Skype/Zoom software see it as an USB webcam. One camera can be a close up, another for a wide shot and a computer for PowerPoint presentations. 

Education Training

Geek S04 Pro av switcher is perfect for educational videos! Setup is fast and easy, so you can travel to locations and record live multi camera video productions on a wide range of educational topics! You can also load titles and perform better video effects.

Live Stream Gaming

Live streaming eSports and gaming competitions is an exciting way to connect with other gamers. Geek S04 Pro av switcher lets you turn those competitions into professional quality streaming shows that you can publish via platforms such as YouTube Live and Twitch.

Live Stream Worship

Connect Geek S04 Pro av switcher to multiple cameras in your church to create programming that’s far superior to single camera setups. You’ll be able to focus on the details so you can capture the spirit and passion of the sermon like never before!