Sports live streaming

Geek S04 lets you create big league looking programs from your own sporting events! Whether you’re playing table tennis, bowling or baseball, Geek S04 lets you connect multiple SDI/HDMI cameras so you can capture the match from multiple angles and see all of the action. Then you can use the built in logo layer to overlay the graphics on top of the game, just like a professional sports broadcast! With Geek S04, it’s easy for you and your friends to create broadcast quality live sports programming and stream online!

sports stream hero


add team name

Use logo as a trick for lower third to add professional looking to show player names and score board in the game.

team member pip

Use the powerful PIP to create exciting split screen effects so you can see the 2 boxeres at the same time!


Use Photoshop to generate realtime scoreboard and stat graphics and load them on air!

multistream 1

Multistream the competition up to 4 service platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo at the same time!

sports stream diagram


Oton Hyper C220T

4K ePTZ Tracking Camera

Oton Hyper C100T

1080p PTZ Tracking Camera

Oton Geek S04

4CH SDI/HDMI Switcher