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Pad Studio

8 Channel Touch Screen Switcher with 4 SDI and 4 Wireless PTZ Camera / DDR / Mobile Stream Input

With 8 video inputs, Pad Studio touch screen switcher allows you to do live switching among 8 video feeds in SDI, Wireless network flow, USB DDR video or from 4G mobile stream. Fitted with 4 external 3.5mm audio inputs, connecting to microphones or mixing consoles to realize rich audio control is simple and handy. In addition, the Pad Studio touch screen switcher also comes with a 3.5mm audio output for real-time audio monitoring.

Pad studio touch screen switcher features with 256G ROM for single click ISO recording for 6 channels max. Live streaming your show to multiple platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and any RTMP-supported platforms can be done with wired or wireless Internet connection.

What’s even better, Pad Studio touch screen switcher allows you to crop video for virtual sets and switch between portrait mode and landscape mode. If this isn’t enough, Pad studio touch screen switcher allows you to do PTZ camera remote control via the RJ45 port.

Pad Studio touch screen switcher can be oprated using the buili-in 13.3 inch touch screen or mouse via the USB Type-A port. From sports events and esports tournaments to news broadcasting, live shows and corporate meetings and trainings, Oton Pad Studio touch screen switcher is always your perfect choice.

Choosing From 2 Great Models

Pad Studio - NDI supports all the features of Pad Studio, plus supports NDI-supported cameras or captures and encoders. It also allows you to live stream to NDI-supported platforms, which means Pad Studio - NDI can multistream to 3 platforms at the same time.

Pad Studio

Pad Studio

Pad Studio NDI

Pad Studio - NDI (Coming Soon)

Pad Studio Touch Screen

Touch Screen/Mouse Control

Get your hands on the new, revolutionary Pad Studio touch screen switcher! Everything is configured at your fingertips! Manage your live production system like never before!

Additionally, Pad Studio touch screen switcher allows you to connect mouse and keyboard to the built-in USB port for another control option!

Switch Between Landscape/Portrait Modes

Oton Pad Studio Pad Studio touch screen switcher features with landscape video for movies and Tvs, and portrait video for social media live streaming and ecommerce live streaming. To create more engaging vertical content multiple camera angles with live switching will take your productions to the next level.

Vertical Horizontal Video
Pad Studio Inputs

SDI, Wireless Camera, DDR Video or Mobile Camera Inputs

Pad Studio touch screen switcher allows you to connect 8 video feeds between SDI, wireless PTZ Camera, DDR video from USB or mobile camera devices. All inputs resolution are auto detected, you can have different formats on different inputs so you don’t worry about connecting video devices. 

SDI Camera

Pad Studio touch screen switcher features 4 SDI port for you to connect professional SDI cameras. 

PTZ Camera

You can also connect up to 4 wireless PTZ Cameras with the built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

RTSP IP Stream

Pad Studio touch screen switcher supports video decoding for up to 4 IP Streams with RTSP/HTTP/HLS/UDP protocol

Mobile Stream

You can send live streaming from mobile phone camera to Pad Studio via Wi-Fi connection (need to install VCloud App)

USB Media File

Pad Studio touch screen switcher allows you to load 2 Channel local videos (MP4 / TS / AVI / MOV format) from your USB drive via USB2.0 port. You can even load multiple videos for each DDR channel for loop.

NDI Sources (Pad Studio-NDI Version only)

Pad Studio enables you to connect NDI|HX sources including across cameras, captures or encoders from multiple brands including PTZOptics, HuddleCamHD, Sony, BirdDog, NewTek and Oton

Advanced Input Source Cropping

You can use the built-in crop tool to select the part you want to crop out over video preview or drag the crop box to trim off unnecessary parts of the video. You can create up to 4 virtual camera shots for each input source and load them on air with direct switching or exciting transition effects!

Pad Studio Video Crop
Pad Studio Camera Control

PTZ Camera Control

Pad Studio touch screen switcher features with an additional PTZ camera control function. Once your camera is connected to your LAN (Local Area Network), the built-in camera controller can be set up to quickly access up to 4 cameras for pan, title and zoom control within a single button press. You are also allowed to save 6 preset locations for each wireless PTZ camera.

SDI out for Program & HDMI Out for Multiview

Pad Studio touch screen switcher features with an SDI port to monitor your program video on big screen. The multiview HDMI output make it easy to monitor your inputs, program and preview, disk status, live and recording status on any display. 

What’s more, you can enlarge the preview and program window to full screen on the built-in monitor.

Pad Studio Program
Pad Studio Effects

Extensive Transitions

Select and instantly use broadcast quality transitions like mixes, wipes, dips and more when switching between sources! You can adjust the duration of transitions between 3 modes, fast-medium-low speed. There are 17 transitions that will give your program that high end broadcast look!

Picture in Picture

Pad Studio touch screen switcher integrates 33 styles of Picture in Picture, from 1 video to max 4 videos, letting you create professional picture in picture effects. Imagine using a picture in picture effect to superimpose a commentator when covering events such as sports, training videos, interviews and even gaming competitions.

Pad Studio PIP
Title Store

A Library of Title Overlays Awaiting You

Pad Studio touch screen switcher offers a library of overlay effects to users to spice up the live stream. You can add titles, graphics, logo or texts and other content to the program with its built-in templates or customized templates imported from other devices via the USB connector.

The built-in templates include Festivals, Sports, news channels and live shows. More than that, you can also customize your own templates according to the specific needs.

Work with Professional Microphones

With 4 independent 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, you can connect desktop and lapel microphones. You can even connect a music player to generate introduction music after the live stream commences but before the program starts. Fitted with 4 external audio inputs, connecting to microphones or mixing consoles to realize rich audio control is simple and handy. In addition, the Pad Studio also comes with a 3.5mm audio output for real-time audio monitoring.

Pad Studio Microphone
Pad Studio Audio Mixing

Built-in Audio Mixing

Pad Studio allows you get to mix multiple audio tracks, intuitively adjust the audio volume via the touchscreen for each independent source as well as the 4 external audio.

Multi-stream to 2 Platforms Simultaneously

Pad Studio supports live streaming to up to 2 RTMP-supported platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. With just a single click, your work gets to be streamed to various platforms, multiplying your audiences and business instantly.

Pad Studio Stream
Pad Studio Recording

Powerful ISO Recording

Pad Studio can record up to 6 H.264 video streams in real time within single click! That’s a clean feed of 6 inputs plus the live program! Using a switcher with multiple inputs and ISO recording, you get more freedom post-production on how you want to put your show together using different camera angles and transitions.

Built-in Stand for better viewing angle

Pad Studio coems with a built-in stand to create the best viewing and operation angle, promoting adequate ventilation to help prevent Pad Studio from over-heating.

Pad Studio Stand