Hybrid Church live streaming

Churches around the world are in different phases of re-opening following the initial wave of COVID-19 and its aftershocks. However, when we are allowed to resume in-person worship, it seems clear that a lot of people may continue to watch from home. Hybrid worship is not simply a style of worship; it is removing limitations that prevent all people from joining your faith community, without regard to their location. Every church can be successful in creating a hybrid worship experience, but it requires planning and action to succeed.

hybrid church hero 1


church pip 2

Create picture in picture effects to show the Minister and reactions from the congregation to allow those at home to see the in-building members!

play recording 2

Members worshiping from home can record a solo or or a scripture reading and play it on air with Geek USB3.0 port!

Spirit 1

Create inspirational graphic slides or your favorite bible verses that saved in your USB drive and used on screen whenever needed.

next stream 2

Using the logo as a trick for lower thirds or using the built-in subtilte function to let you congregation know when is the next stream!

zoom 1

Using the built-in USB3.0 capture to live on Zoom to create connections between worshipers in the building and at home to maintain and reinforce the sense of community. 

multistream 1

Record the live stream to USB drive directly for post edit and share your spirit up to 4 service platforms like Facebok or Youtube at the same time!

hybrid church diagram 1


Oton Hyper C220T

4K SDI Auto Tracking Camera With 3X Digital Zoom

Oton Hyper C7

1080p HDMI/SDI PTZ Camera With 20X Zoom

Oton Hyper C7-NDI

1080p HDMI/SDI/NDI PTZ Camera With 20X Zoom

Oton Geek S04

4CH SDI/HDMI Switcher With Multicast And Recording

Oton Geek S08M

8 Channel SDI/HDMI Switcher With Multicast And Recording

Oton Geek N8

8 CH NDI Switcher With Multicast And Recording