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What’s The Difference Between Oton Geek S04 and Roland V-1HD?

V 1HD VS S04

Roland’s V-1HD 4 x HDMI Input Switcher is a portable solution for HD video production that accommodates up to four HD inputs. The inputs each have a frame buffer/TBC so you don’t need to genlock your input sources together. You can control the switcher manually by using the built-in controls, or connect it to a computer or iPad running optional software for electronic control. Select your working resolution and switch between your four input sources. Built into the switcher is a 12-channel audio mixer which can de-embed and embed audio signals from HDMI.

The integrated T-fader allows you to manually control the speed of transitions, or you can use the take button to actuate your selected transition. The unit features a program and multiview preview output, as well as an analog audio input and output. Though small in size, it allows you to perform picture-in-picture, green screen, and other keying effects, while a transform control enables advanced video effects on your footage.

Roland V 1HD

Oton Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher allows you to connect 3 independent HDMI cameras or computers plus 1 SDI camera. All input resolutions are auto-detected by Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher. Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher also features with 1 HDMI out for showing program video on big screen and another HDMI out for multiview.

Users can add their brand logo and subtitle, or using the advanced Chroma key for a more stunning live production. The built-in USB3.0 video capture cards allows the Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher work as USB webcam for stream software like OBS, Zoom or Skype. What’s more, Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher integrates an encoding engine so that you can stream your live feeds to 4 service platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, or Dacast at the same time, without requiring addtional hardware.

You can even record up to 1080p60 to USB drive in the built-in USB3.0 port. Concert productions, events, parties, competitions, educational institutions, and live sports programming are some of the use cases where the Geek S04 SDI HDMI live streaming switcher could be utilized.

s04 600x600 1


Roland V-1HD

$ 595
  • Video Input – 4xHDMI
  • Video Output – 2 x HDMI
  • Audio Input – 1 x L/R ,1 x 3.5 mm
  • Audio Output – 1 x L/R , 1 x 3.5 mm
  • 12 Channel audio mixing,
  • EQ Delay Compressor HPF Gate Reverb Mastering effect
  • PinP and split screen
  • Chroma Key & Luma Key
  • Beat-per-Minute Sync
  • Remote Control via USB for MIDI connection
  • save or recall up to eight presets

Oton S04

$ 499
  • Video Input - 3xHDMI, 1xSDI, 1x USB Local Media
  • Video Output - 2xHDMI
  • Audio Input - 1x3,5mm
  • Audio Output - 1x3,5mm
  • 5 Channel audio mixing
  • Direct Recording to USB Drive
  • Supersource PinP
  • Chroma Key
  • Audio Delay for Sync
  • USB Live Streaming
  • Built-in H.264 Encoding
  • Multistream to 4 Platforms
  • 4G/5G Wireless Dongle for Network backup


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