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Introducing Oton Hyper KC400- 4K USB Webcam with Facial And Voice Tracking

KC400 Hero

Today, we launched our top level 4K video conferencing USB Webcam – Oton Hyper KC400.

Oton Hyper KC400 USB Camera delivers 4K Ultra HD video at 30 fps, HD 1080p at either 30 or 60 fps, and HD 720p at 30, 60 for outstanding clarity, smoothness, and detail. The lens can capture a wide 120° angle of view, and get a closer look with the 5X digital zoom.

The Hyper KC400 4K USB camera can be set to track your position in the room as you move using its built-in “AI” facial tracking, so you can move around freely and the camera will automatically reframe the subject.

Hyper KC400 4K USB Camera also integrates 6-mic array to achieve real-time voice tracking of each speaker, allowing remote participants to break the limitation of distance and create an immersive, face-to-face experience. 

The Hyper KC400 4K USB camera plugs into a host computer and is compatible with a variety of  platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams,Tecent Meeting and more.

Add this powerful, intelligent USB camera to your remote, home, or conference room environment that can follow you around the room now!


4K UHD Video

Wide FOV

120° Wide Field Of View With EPTZ


Look Great In Any Light

Auto Framing

Facial Tracking With Auto Framing

Audio Pickup

Sound Professional In Any Environment

Voice Tracking

Real-Time Voice Tracking

KC400 Remote Control

Remote Control

USB connection

Plug And Play


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